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Tracking and using your website analytics can give you the edge that makes the difference between success and failure in your business.

According to “The Data-Driven Marketer’s Strategic Playbook” published by Google, data can “help you see the journeys of every member of your audience and more importantly deliver to them the customized and relevant messages and experiences that get results.”

Keeping track of your web analytics is time-consuming and confusing. You’re faced with a giant dashboard of graphs and numbers that need to be combed through and analyzed and then compared to numbers you combed through and analyzed yesterday!

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Data isn’t an abstract goal at leading companies; it is part of their
culture.” E consultancy / Google, “The Customer Experience is Written
in Data”, May 2017 Large companies have an advantage in the marketplace. They employ data analysts full–time in order to stay on top of their website’s performance, and they use that data as their secret weapon for campaign and site optimization.
Now, with Daily Analytics Summary Service, you can have your own
data analyst at a fraction of the cost—delivered to your inbox,
and use the data you receive as your own secret weapon
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