Getting Started

What is Daily Analytics Descriptive Service?

Daily Analytics Descriptive Service is a reporting service that delivers a daily email summarizing your website’s KPIs from Google Analytics. We use a natural language application to deliver the report to you in language that’s easy to understand.

How often will I receive my Daily Analytics Report?

Instead of delivering reports weekly, like some of the other reporting services, Daily Analytics Summary Service delivers a summary of your website’s metrics every day, before 7AM EST. Seeing your metrics each day gives you insight into your website’s performance. Daily reports mean you can decide how you’ll respond to a decline immediately, instead of a week later.

Which metrics are covered in the Daily Analytics Summaries?

The metrics covered are sessions, users, new sessions, pageviews, average pages per session, bounce rate, time on site, conversion rate, revenue, transactions, average order value, and revenue per session. (Metrics are applicable to the type of account.) The type of account is based on your Google Analytics set–up. For Ecommerce reporting, Ecommerce must be turned on within Google Analytics. Lead Generation accounts use the goal dimension for lead conversions. When you sign up for the service, you will set which goal is a lead goal.

How do I Sign Up?

When you click the link to sign up, you’ll be sent to our online account portal. Once inside, you authorize Daily Analytics Summary Service to see your Google account info and your email address. Then you add Daily Analytics Summary Service as a “Collaborate and Read Only” authorized user of your Google Analytics account. Once completed you will receive daily summary reports for 7 days without a credit card. To continue the service after the 7–day free trial, enter the account portal through the link we provide in your summary emails. At the account portal, log in with your Google Analytics account and click “subscription” and “pay with credit card”. Fill in the Stripe based credit card system to attach a credit card. After it processes we’ll email you a receipt.

How do I get my Daily Reports?

After you sign up and authorize your Google account, Daily Analytics Summary Service will start analyzing your data. You will begin receiving you daily analytics report the following morning. Reports are sent before 7AM EST. These reports will come directly to the email address associated with your Google analytics account. To ensure the security of your information, you will not be able to enter an alternate email address.

How do you collect payments and how often?

When you sign up for Daily Analytics Summary Service, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information. This card will be billed on a monthly basis. Each monthly payment covers one full month of service and is not prorated.

How do I cancel my Daily Analytics Descriptive Service?

To cancel your subscription simply click unsubscribe on the bottom of any report and you will be forwarded to our deactivation portal.  Here you can view information on deactivating your account.

Note: The monthly subscription fee is not prorated, therefore if you cancel before the end of your 30 days the remaining amount cannot be refunded.

Who can I contact for customer service?

For questions or assistance, email us at [email protected] You can expect to hear back from us in 1 business day.


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