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Individuals have the power to enact change through their daily choices. Making the choice to consciously support black-owned businesses is one positive way to stand up for America’s racial future and the value of diversity in business. Daily Analytics is a black-owned, small business that is looking to empower other small businesses and organizations by providing them with reliable KPI metrics to enhance their website performance. Daily Analytics’ founder, Cedric Williams, is an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience and know-how in the analytics industry. His passions include decreasing the digital divide and empowering other small businesses by providing them with daily reports that translate their data into meaningful and accessible information. After working with a number of Fortune 500 clients successfully he knew that it was time to translate his passion, success, and values into his own company.

Daily Analytics is founded on an accessibility model, with a vision of bringing the skills of data science and analytics to small businesses, organizations, and fellow entrepreneurs. We provide our clients with a daily delivered report that is easy to understand narratively and visually so that you can make the best possible decisions for your website. We want to make other small businesses grow, sustain, and thrive. Supporting black-owned businesses is one of the most direct and significant ways to support the black community. And while you’re supporting us, we’ll be supporting your small business, every step of the way.

But what if there was a way you could keep up with your Website’s
Metrics in 5 minutes, or Less, per Day?

at Daily Analytics we Believe that:

web analytics in digital marketing
Analytics are Vital to the Health of a Company.
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Owners want to spend less time analyzing their KPIs leaving them more time forimplementing ways to improve their KPIs.

Our founder, Cedric Williams, spent more than 10 years consulting with Fortune 500 companies on their website analytics and paid search. He could clearly see difference that web analytics made inside these ultra Successful companies.

But what about smaller companies who don’t have the budget to hire a full–time data analyst? What difference would knowing their website’s metrics make to their success and growth?

Cedric decided to create an automated report generator that could collect data from Google Analytics and compile it into a summary report that uses a natural language app, so it’s quick and easy to read.

Cedric Williams Mr. Cedric Williams

CEO & Founder

web analytics in digital marketing

Cedric Williams Mr. Cedric Williams

CEO & Founder

He Called it Daily Analytics Descriptive Service.

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With this short concise Daily Report,
business owners can stay on top of
their metrics without spending a ton
of time collecting and analyzing
data, or hiring an expensive analyst.

google analytics report for website

From our base in Chapel Hill, NC,
Cedric and a few friendly contractors
work on improving and upgrading
Daily Analytics Descriptive Service and
providing customer support.

google analytics report for website

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